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A bit of exciting news.  You can now book with more confidence when staying at Cliff House.

Before we even took over Cliff House we had been considering a special type of newly introduced insurance that allows us to offer possibly one of the most flexible cancellation policies that there is for a self catering property – 100% money back if you cancel no later than 2 days before your intended arrival date.  With the arrival of Covid-19 it has introduced so much uncertainty for travellers and put so many holidays on hold as people just do not know what to do about their holidays.  We understand from those more established in the hospitality industry that this is a situation not helped by insurance companies who pit the guest against the host (and vice versa) when it comes to claims,

We’re fixing that…

For any new bookings for stays at Cliff House from the 1st of August 2020 onwards, we can now offer guests the confidence to book with Cliff House, and if circumstances change, cancel with no questions asked anytime up to two days before your date of arrival.

How good is that?! #doeshappydance

Any existing bookings, will still be covered by our old Terms and Conditions.  You can see the small print in our Terms and Conditions.



The Cross Keys, dinner by Uovo

The Cross Keys, dinner by Uovo

A fantastic new restaurant in Malton, putting it firmly on the foodie map Uovo has been around the East and North Yorkshire area as a pop up restaurant headed by chef patron David Tait for a couple of years now following lock down.  Recently David has set down roots...

Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of North Yorkshire, a captivating adventure awaits you at the National Trust's Fountains Abbey. Just over 1hr and 20 minutes from our cottages across the heart of North Yorkshire.. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this majestic ruin...