Surfing in Yorkshire

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Saltburn up in the North of the county of Yorkshire gets a mention in the Guardian as one of the top ten surfing beaches in the UK.  Aside from Saltburn, the beaches in Whitby and Scarbough are also good if you want to go surfing in Yorkshire and all three have surf schools.

You can read the Guardian article here.

For details surfing in Saltburn, Whitby and Scarborough, visit these surf schools :-

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Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon

Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon

Hosted entirely on the private Birdsall Estate, the Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon is organised by the Birdsall Estate and the Northern Ride bicycle shop in Malton.  This offroad mountain biking event is run for one day a year (in 2020 on the 7th of June) and is a...

Coffee Cups and Christmas

Coffee Cups and Christmas

Here's a story that caught our eye. North Yorkshire coffee shop Baltzersen's, based in Harrogate, has since 2018 stopped using disposable paper cups. By their own admission in this Facebook post they have lost out financially because of that decision, but still stand...