The Hanging Stones

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Spent a fantastic day with friends exploring an installation by the artist Andy Goldsworthy called The Hanging Stones (

Its a planned series of 10 installations housed in rebuilt barns on a 6 mile walk through North Dale near the small village of Rosedale Abbey. The village of Rosedale Abbey is in the heart of the former mining valley of Rosedale.  Rosedale is about 30 minutes from our cottages at Cliff House.

The installations are refreshingly light on interpretation/artists statements. Leaving the viewer to arrive at their own thoughts and conclusions as their eyes adjust to the usually dark interiors of the barns.

What makes the six mile walk extra special is that only 4 groups (of up to 6 people) a day are allowed on the walk. Access to each installation is with a key which is provided along with a map of the route.

There is even a bothy on the route at the half way point for groups to have lunch in. The Hanging Stones route could take up to 6 hours.  That said, ncluding stops for lunch and to look at the art we did it in about 4 hours.  There are some up hill sections which require a bit of effort, but over all the walk is easily manageable.

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The Cross Keys, dinner by Uovo

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