The Worst or Best Kept Secret

Our Journey

Secrets? What Secrets?

Depending on who you know, this may be the worst (Alastair) or the best (Jacqueline) kept secret that we have.

Since about May of 2019 we have been in the process of buying a self-catering cottage business in North Yorkshire between Pickering and Scarborough – a big change of pace for us and our family.  Jacqueline will be giving up a job that she has done (and loved) in the NHS for over 20 years  and Alastair will continue doing his vague IT things but with a bit of a longer commute.  Big decisions, but the opportunity of the business – to grow and enhance it and the chance to live in the countryside and be near the coast at the same time was too great a chance to pass up.

So, we are jumping into this both feet together to take over the business in about mid-March 2020.  We can’t be too specific just yet as to where the business is, as the vendor’s still actively run it, but once we exchange, we will be able to say more.  If you want to see more about our cottages, have a wee look here.

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In the mean time, it would be a great help to us if you could complete this short 4 minute survey about your self catering cottage experiences on line and share it if at all possible as well?  There are so many different ways to book online that we would like to try and concentrate on just a few so that we can make the best use of our time.

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Holiday Cottages in Yorkshire 2020 Survey



A visit to Byland Abbey

A visit to Byland Abbey

Byland Abbey is one of the many monastic ruins that are short drive away from Cliff House Holiday Cottages. Founded by monks who had a tough start on their journey - left to found a new abbey, founded new abbey, ransacked by the Scots, returned to parent Abbey, not...

New Photography for The Coach House

New Photography for The Coach House

We had fun over the weekend taking new photographs of our Coach House self catering cottage.  We've added a few new things to the cottage and wanted to show them off... Prints of local scenes by the artist Ian Mitchell Our new bike rack - a useful addition to our...

Made in Ebberston

Made in Ebberston

Made in Ebberston Since moving to our home in Ebberston despite lockdown, we’ve been able to meet so many other people who call Ebberston home.  Many of those people are fantastic crafters and artisanal makers.  To celebrate Ebberston and its makers, we’ve created a...