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During the school holidays we had a day out to the Yorkshire Air Museum.  Being just 50 minutes or so away from our self catering holiday cottages the Yorkshire Air Museum makes an ideal destination for a part or full day trip.  In August 2020, due to Covid, there aren’t as many aircraft in the hangers to ensure that there social distancing in place.  However, if didn’t know that these were stuffed with planes previously you won’t really notice.


The museum is based at what was once RAF Elvington.  During the Second World War the Free French flew Halifax bombers (there is an example of one in one of the hangers) from here.  The base was almost entirely manned by French nationals with the exception of a number of RAF liaison staff.  In more recent times, you may remember the base for where Richard Hammond of Top Gear fame had his horrendous car accident.

Exhibitions at the Yorkshire Air Museum

Aside from static displays of aircraft there are also exhibitions of how life would have been on site during the Second World War.  in particular there is a very thoughtful exhibition on the history of Bomber Command.  One of the old wartime huts is given over to a display dedicated to the gunners of the bombers. A key member of the crew that is often over looked – especially the tail gunner.  Were it not for Covid, you would also be able to visit the control tower and view the exhibition inside there as well.


A good number of the aircraft are maintained to the point that the engines can run. This includes the famous Victor tanker that they have.  On occasion the museum runs taxying days, where the Victor will power up its Rolls Royce engines and do a “fast taxy”


The Yorkshire Air Museum can be found at Halifax Way, Elvington, York YO41 4AU, and the website is here.




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