Yorkshire Tea – the number 1 tea in the UK

Our Journey

According to the Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Tea, has become the number 1 tea in the UK – congratulations! Not only is it the number one tea in the UK, but it is made by local company Taylors of Harrogate who have really strong community, environment and sustainability credentials.  Have a read of their remarkably honest post about their ups and downs with tea bag glue. and their efforts to develop an environmentally friendly alternative (in fact read the whole website, its great).  With an eye on road miles, they now have their tea shipped to the local port of Middlesborough instead of it landing in the south of the United Kingdom to then be road hauled to Yorkshire, where it gets blended and packaged.


Getting started and doing our bit too


We want to do our bit for the environment as well, and sometimes it’s getting started and doing the small things that make the biggest difference.  Things don’t get much better than being able to include Yorkshire Tea in our welcome baskets.  When we open for business, aside from Tea, we want to include other locally sourced and home baked things to give you the warmest welcome possible but keeping it sustainable by supporting local business too.

(Photo Credit : Yorkshire Tea)





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